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No matter what your plans are for Halloween, make sure to think of your feet. They will thank you for it!

  1. Plan out your trick or treating route

If you are going trick-or-treating on Saturday, make sure you plan out your route. Wherever you happen to be, there is bound to be a lot of walking. You don’t want to end up at the complete opposite end of your neighborhood after hours of walking and have to face the long walk back in the dark while you are already tired. Try making a roundabout route that will end you at your own house. If that’s not possible, then walk straight to the farthest point of your plan and work your way back to your house or car.

  1. Plan for the weather

Make sure to check the weather report to see what to expect for Saturday. If there is rain, wind, or cold expected, then plan accordingly. Is it going to be hot? Try a sweat wicking sock. Socks not the right look for your costume? Find some tights or footie socks that will give you that added protection against your shoes.

  1. Wear socks/insulation

No matter what the weather situation is or what sort of plans you have, wear socks! If it’s going to be cold and you will be outside, make sure your socks are insulated, such as a thick wool sock. If you are going to be inside dancing the night away, look for socks that offer padding for the toes and heels. Make sure whatever you wear is appropriate and comfortable.

  1. Remember, the shoes don’t really matter

For most costumes, what you actually wear on your feet won’t make or break the aesthetic. If the costume calls for shy high red heels, try opting for bright red flats instead. There is always a practical way to look good. Besides, who is really looking at your feet?

  1. Spend extra time to find the right shoes (size too)

If the shoes will break the outfit, then spend the extra time to try and find the right ones. Don’t just settle for shoes two sizes too small because they are the first ones you find in the right color. Go to the next store, drive across town, search the internet. If the shoes really matter, then make sure they are perfect!


October 20, 2015
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