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Having a joint replacement is a very big deal and deciding to pull the trigger is not a decision to take lightly. Each year over 600,000 knee replacements and 350,000 hip replacements are performed in the United States. The majority of these procedures are wildly successful and give new life back to people who were struggling with chronic pain and limited mobility. However, many people don’t know that a joint replacement may leave you with uneven limbs. In fact, uneven limb length accounted for almost 5% of all complications from these surgeries.

A difference in limb length, whether caused by complications from surgery or from simple genetics, of merely 5mm (1/4”) can cause serious complications for everyday life including back pain and lower extremity pain. In fact, there are so many possible complications from unequal limb length that they are hard to classify and usually overlooked as a potential cause. If you have Leg Length Discrepancy (LLD) then easy relief is possible to get from your local podiatrist.

The Foot and Ankle Wellness Center offers full or partial shoe lifts to help alleviate symptoms from LLD. First, you should come in for a consultation with your podiatrist. They will take the time to measure your legs accurately. After that, you can make the decision together as to what type of lift is best for your situation. In most cases, just bring in the shoes you wear the most and our experienced technicians will add the lift directly to them. Don’t live with LLD! Make your life better and alleviate your symptoms with a simple foot lift. Call and make your appointment today!