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Everyone is in such a rush these days. Amazon can deliver packages in two hours, you can get food from almost any restaurant without leaving your home, and there are advertisements for every type of immediate health and beauty fix. However, we all know that nothing worth having has ever come easy and that applies to your feet. But the FAAWC wants to make it as easy and quick as possible to get your feet looking better than ever!

In addition to the warm weather and the promise of summer lingering in the air, other special occasions are rushing towards us. School graduations, weddings, and all sorts of summer activities mean needing to look your best so what can we do for our feet in just a few weeks to get ready? The FAAWC has lots of options!

  1. Pedicare Salon

If we can better our health while being pampered, wouldn’t we do it all the time? Well the PediCare salon offers relaxing pedicures and foot maintenance that actually make your feet noticeably different. Completed by certified medical nail technicians under the guidance of our podiatrists, our services include a half-hour PediCare (toenail trimming, callus and corn reduction, application of mousturizer), a full-hour PediCare (hydrotherapy or warm mitt skin softening, relaxing foot and ankle massage, reduction of corns and calluses), or just a half-hour foot and leg massage (for those who need an extra special relaxing touch). Nail polish can be applied for $5 and patients may bring in their own polish or purchase from our store. This is an easy way to pamper yourself while seeing immediate improvements and you don’t even have to be a patient of the FAAWC to visit our PediCare salon! Call 740-363-4373 to book your appointment today.

  1. Keryflex

Maybe your feet need a little more attention than a simple pedicure. In that case, inquire about our Keryflex treatment. Keryflex is a professional nail restoration option that can improve the look of your toenails immediately! Do you have a broken nail you are patiently watching grow? How about a fungal infection you are slowly treating? You can now get the look and feel of a natural healthy nail while continuing your treatment. The Keryflex system allows our nail technicians to remodel your toenails with a flexible, non-porous nail that returns the healthy look for your feet while still allowing treatment and healing to occur. This is not just some acrylic nail that will cover up your problems. The Keryflex nail is podiatrist approved and can only be applied by a certified technician (like the ones we have at the PediCare salon). Unaffected by nail polish, acetone, and detergents and soaps, this nail can be treated just like a natural nail and is applied in just one visit! In terms of quick fixes, this one can really benefit your beauty and your health.

  1. Baby Heels

Maybe you need such a quick fix that you can’t make it in to the office. That’s okay, we have the solution for that too! Try the unique skin peel system of Baby Foot. A single (very squishy) foot wrap lasting only an hour and easy applicable at home will penetrate your dead skin cells and start the exfoliation process. After only 3-5 days you will see your cracked and dry heels start to peel away (literally) to reveal skin as smooth and soft as a baby’s foot! That’s definitely the least work I’ve ever had to do for those results. Get your set from the FAAWC today and see the difference it can make.

All in all, quick fixes generally tend to be myths that leave us hopeful and pull us in with their promises, but every once in awhile an easy solution is actually the best solution and you can find many of those solutions at the FAAWC. Join us today to be ready for all your future activities!

April 22, 2017
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Let’s talk about the earth. Earth day is today and whether you’re celebrating by planting trees or just going outside to enjoy the sun, there are a few cool facts that we should all know.

The first Earth Day celebration was held on April 22nd, 1970 at the insistence of senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. Almost 20 million people celebrated that year.

By the end of 1970, the US government had created the Environmental Protection Agency and signed legislation for clean air, clean water, and endangered species.

Today it is estimated that over one billion people will celebrate Earth Day worldwide, with the largest event taking place in Dallas, Texas.

The earth has a circumference of 24,901 miles at the equator. The average human will walk approximately 110,000 miles in a lifetime. Congratulations on your four and a half journeys around the world!

Every plant and animal is important, even for your foot health! Comparative foot morphology is the study of feet across the entire animal kingdom. The structure of a horse’s hoof or the way the muscles of a dog’s paw flex when it walks could one day help scientists find innovative solutions for common human foot problems.

If you want to be closer to the earth, go barefoot! Only about 0.89% of people who walk barefooted on a regular basis have foot problems directly caused by not wearing shoes.

Earth is the only planet where life has been discovered. If you only have one place to live, it’s not a very smart idea to destroy it, but the Earth is in a slow health decline due to human activity. Intervention is necessary so that we can protect our home and ensure we have lots of healthy ground to walk on in the future.

Happy Earth Day everyone! Now get outside and start protecting our planet just as well as you protect your own feet.

April is such a beautiful time, but a black cloud looms over this colorful month: Tax Day! Tax Day is April 17, and it’s a day many people dread and put off until the last second; two things you should never do to your feet. Here are four common reasons people put off coming to the doctor and how it’s different at the FAAWC:

1. Waiting rooms are uncomfortable, I sit around too long, and appointment times are inconvenient.

Have you ever been in the FAAWC’s waiting room? Our friendly staff will greet you as you enter and easily get you checked in. We promise you will be taken back for your appointment promptly. While you wait you can enjoy a delicious drink from our keurig machine. There is no need to fear the waiting room at the FAAWC. Appointment times start as early as 7am and doctors are available for emergencies or urgent cases during daytime hours so getting in for the care you need is easy.

2. The doctor will downplay my real concerns or rush through their appointment and I wont like my treatment.

Definitely not true. Our doctors care for their patients and will spend their time hearing all of your concerns and discussing exam results and treatment options. We work with our patients to design the best course of action for your unique foot health. Our goal is to get you better so you can spend less time at the doctor’s and more time living life to the fullest.

            3. How much is this visit going to cost me?

The FAAWC accepts many types of insurance and we are happy to check your eligibility and benefits before your appointment so there are no surprise costs for you. If going to the doctor is hard on your budget, the FAAWC also accepts CareCredit, a healthcare credit card that allows you to make convenient monthly payments for treatments and procedures. There’s no need to break the bank to ensure your good foot health.

            4. They won’t be able to help me anyway

The doctors at the FAAWC can treat just about every foot problem A-Z. Athlete’s foot, bunions, corns, diabetic foot concerns, fungal nails, hammertoes, neuromas, plantar fasciitis, warts, and more! As board-certified podiatrists, they have the expertise to ensure you receive only the best care and treatment, whether that means teaching you how to wrap a sprained ankle, eliminating spider veins with our painless laser treatments, performing a minor surgery, or treating you to a relaxing pedicure at our PediCare salon. No matter how large or small your problem is the FAAWC will have a treatment plan that is right for you.

If any of these thoughts have crossed your mind when deciding to visit the podiatrist, maybe you should admit to yourself that these are really just excuses, not real reasons. Foot health is the foundation to your healthy and active lifestyle. If you’re in pain or concerned about your feet, visit your podiatrist today!

Did you know that the FAAWC provides complimentary shoe fittings for patients? Think about it, when was the last time you were actually measured for shoes? Most of us simply head to the shoe store and go with whatever our standard size tends to be. But surprisingly, it’s estimated that over a third of men and almost half of women buy shoes that don’t fit right. But if you don’t know your shoe size, of course you’re going to buy the wrong size!

All the way back in 1925, Charles Brannock decided that a device was necessary for measuring standard shoe sizes. Thus the Brannock Device was born and is still considered to be the standard for shoe fitting worldwide. Come by the FAAWC to stand on our Brannock device and find out what your real size is! A properly fitting shoe not only helps avoid future foot problems, but can also alleviate current foot pains. Doesn’t that sound nice? Drop by and see us!

This just in! President Donald Trump of the United States has declared April 1st to be national Get-Your-Feet-Checked day! No matter who you are, feet are important. Without healthy feet, our entire country would fall apart. People wouldn’t be able to work, the mail wouldn’t get delivered, fast food restaurants would shut down, and the line at the FAAWC would be 10 miles long. So instead of leaving the health of our nation’s feet to chance, President Trump wants everyone to go get them checked on April 1st each year.

Think I’m kidding? Well…yeah, I am. But that’s no reason to ignore this sound advice! Even if your feet seem perfectly healthy, you should have them checked. You go to the doctor each year for your yearly checkup, so why shouldn’t that include your feet? Call the FAAWC to set up your appointment today!