Carrying a watermelon causes neuromas?

Can “carrying a watermelon” cause a neuroma?

Jennifer Gray, former star of Dirty Dancing, and formerly a contestant of Dancing with the Stars, mentioned last season that she has a neuroma.  A neuroma is a benign nerve enlargement, most often found in the peripheral nerves of the foot.  Since nerves travel in very tight spaces in your feet, they are prone to being pressed against the bones, which cause irritation and inflammation.  Wearing tight shoes, shoes with heels, or any abnormal repetitive stress can cause a neuroma. 

The most common symptoms of a neuroma are burning/tingling pain in the ball of the foot, numbness in the toes, a feeling that there is a “stone” in your shoe or a wrinkled sock, or a painful lump that is painful with touch.  Fortunately, neuromas can usually be treated without surgery.  Treatment can include a series of small, relatively pain-free injections that reduce the nerve to its regular size, offloading the ball of the foot, medication, or even changes in shoes.  Certain diagnostic test can help diagnose a neuroma, but are usually not needed.

Even if you’re not a professional dancer, a neuroma can be a very painful condition, and is usually treated quite easily.  Often the earlier you seek treatment, the more likelihood of success with conservative measures.  At the Foot & Ankle Wellness Center, we are well equipped to handle your neuroma pain, and any other foot or ankle condition.  Remember, foot pain is NOT normal, and you should never have to live with it!