Eat to Help Your Feet

The weather is getting nicer and nicer and it’s time to start thinking of summer. One of my favorite summer activities is having a nice picnic while enjoying the sunshine. But some of your favorite summer foods could be wreaking havoc on your feet. Let’s take a look at why…

Peripheral artery disease and diabetes are two common ailments for Americans. Eating right can protect our feet from these conditions. “According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a diet low in saturated fat, trans fat, and sodium and rich in fruits and vegetables can help reduce your risk of peripheral artery disease”.  ( Omega-3s are also recommended for good vascular health.

Sadly some of our favorite summer foods are high in sugar and other unhealthy ingredients, which can lead to inflammation and discomfort. Everyone loves a good hotdog, but the bun and toppings add plenty of unnecessary carbs and sugars. Try making your hotdogs kebob style! You can alternate pieces of delicious hotdog with squares of a low-carb tortilla and grilled veggies for a healthier alternative. For those who miss their ketchup and mustard, try an avocado dipping sauce to add some healthy omega-3s.

Potato chips. Everyone loves potato chips and your backyard barbeque burgers will look sad and lonely on your plate without their salty sidekick. But salt is another no-no for good health. There are plenty of non-potato alternatives in the chip aisle at the grocery store, but these can be highly processed with plenty of chemical additives that are equally bad. Try making your own chips from stuff you already have around your house. You can make chips out of tomato slices, peach slices, zucchini, eggplant, and plantains among tons of other fruits and vegetables. Give it a try!

Of course we cannot forget about dessert. Popsicles, ice cream, and other cold sugary delicacies are common cravings that finish off our picnics. But there is seldom any good nutrition in these foods. Instead of ice cream, try a shaved ice with a fruity topping. Mix some fruit with some low fat yogurt and put it in the freezer for a while for a creamy and nutritious dessert.

There are thousands of healthy alternatives to our favorite junk food summer options. A simple Google search can lead you down the path to a healthier life and an easy way to protect your foot health.