New Guidelines for Type II Diabetics: Why Exercise is Key!

Exercise Is Very Important For Type 2 Diabetics: New Guidelines

New guidelines were published in late 2010 that stress the crucial role that physical activity plays in the management of Type 2 diabetes.

Exercise is important and you should not let foot pain slow down your exercise program. The physicians at Foot and Ankle Wellness Center, in Delaware, OH, encourage our diabetics to exercise and can help you reach your goals with better shoe gear, functional foot orthotics and even physical therapy to get you on the road to better diabetes control! Do not use foot, ankle, or leg pain as an excuse not to exercise, contact us and get started today! The guideline are crystal clear on the importance of regular, vigorous exercise!

Developed by a panel of 9 experts, the new guidelines are published concurrently in the December issue of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise and Diabetes Care.

 The panel specifically recommends that such moderate exercise correspond to approximately 40% to 60% of maximal aerobic capacity and states that for most people with Type 2 diabetes, brisk walking is a moderate-intensity exercise.

The expert panel also recommends that resistance training be part of the exercise regimen. This should be done at least twice a week -- ideally 3 times a week -- on nonconsecutive days. The panel also recommends that people just beginning to do weight training be supervised by a qualified exercise trainer "to ensure optimal benefits to blood glucose control, blood pressure, lipids, and cardiovascular risk and to minimize injury risk."