Quick Tips for the Shoe Store

Everyone loves new shoes and if you’re in the market for a pair, there are a few things you should be doing at the shoe store to make sure they fit properly and your podiatrist would approve.

  1. Stand Up

Everyone tells you to stand up at the shoe store and hopefully everyone does, but the main reason we want to do this is that our foot widens and lengthens slightly when we stand up. Force is calculated as mass x acceleration. When you stand up, the force that your body exerts on your feet causes them to change. Your toes extend forward and spread to support you while walking. If we don't give them enough room to do this, we can cause serious damage.

  1. Walk Around

Think about the activity you will be doing in your new pair of shoes. Perhaps it’s a fancy pair of high heels for a wedding. You’ll probably be sitting, standing, and dancing in these shoes all night, so you should stand up and wander around the store for ten minutes to make sure they are comfortable; maybe even break out a move or two. If it’s a new running shoe you need, go to a store with actual clerks who can evaluate your stride and help you pick a style. Places like the New Balance Store are set up to allow customers to easily jog around the store while trying on shoes. Whenever your style, make sure you get up and walk, jog, or boogie in those new shoes before heading to the checkout.

  1. Spread Your Toes

For those who may not remember, there are a myriad of problems we can get from our shoes cramping our toes. Bunions, corns, hammertoes, and ingrown toenails may be in your future if you don’t give your little piggies space to move. Many shoes come in multiple sizes, but not multiple widths. Get your foot width measured along with the length. If you have a wider foot, search for shoes that will accommodate you. Don’t try and fit into the average when you need something different.