Size Matters! ...For Your Shoes

Did you know that the FAAWC provides complimentary shoe fittings for patients? Think about it, when was the last time you were actually measured for shoes? Most of us simply head to the shoe store and go with whatever our standard size tends to be. But surprisingly, it’s estimated that over a third of men and almost half of women buy shoes that don’t fit right. But if you don’t know your shoe size, of course you’re going to buy the wrong size!

All the way back in 1925, Charles Brannock decided that a device was necessary for measuring standard shoe sizes. Thus the Brannock Device was born and is still considered to be the standard for shoe fitting worldwide. Come by the FAAWC to stand on our Brannock device and find out what your real size is! A properly fitting shoe not only helps avoid future foot problems, but can also alleviate current foot pains. Doesn’t that sound nice? Drop by and see us!