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This just in! President Donald Trump of the United States has declared April 1st to be national Get-Your-Feet-Checked day! No matter who you are, feet are important. Without healthy feet, our entire country would fall apart. People wouldn’t be able to work, the mail wouldn’t get delivered, fast food restaurants would shut down, and the line at the FAAWC would be 10 miles long. So instead of leaving the health of our nation’s feet to chance, President Trump wants everyone to go get them checked on April 1st each year.

Think I’m kidding? Well…yeah, I am. But that’s no reason to ignore this sound advice! Even if your feet seem perfectly healthy, you should have them checked. You go to the doctor each year for your yearly checkup, so why shouldn’t that include your feet? Call the FAAWC to set up your appointment today!


Remember those crazy looking moon shoes? Well they are making a come back and in a big way! Podiatrists around the country are praising the moon shoe for its healing benefits. The cushiony, air soft steps reduce pressure on the bottoms of your feet, which solves every known foot problem you could have. Sound like too much of a miracle?


Well it is, which is why this is April 1st! Happy April Fool’s Day!

April 02, 2015
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April Fool's Day is quite possibly the funniest day of the year. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a chuckle on April 2nd too. Enjoy some foot humor to keep the laughs going.


Let's face it. Standing in line is a bore. These people discovered an ingenious way to keep their places while comfortably sitting down.


We should have seen this one coming.



We all know this feeling.


He does have a point there.