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Love is in the air! And with Valentine’s Day fast approaching there is a surge of red and pink everywhere you look. But instead of talking about love we are going to turn everything February seems to stand for on its head and talk about divorce. You may be asking yourself already, where is this going? Why such a depressing subject so close to such a happy holiday? While the term divorce is generally defined as the legal division of partners in a marriage, a simpler definition is to think of divorce as a total separation.

We at the FAAWC want you to divorce yourself from your old shoes. Everyone knows what I’m talking about here. As soon as you read that, I’m sure at least one particular pair of shoes in your closet (or maybe even the ones currently on your feet) comes to mind. We all hold onto shoes we know are past their prime. Maybe they were super comfortable and you hope to find a similar pair in the future, but until you do you figure you’ll hold onto the old ones. Perhaps they were a gift from a special person or you wore them for a memorable occasion and just can’t toss them out for these emotional reasons. Right now we need to divorce you from these feelings and bring out your practical side. Here are some very practical and objective ways you can determine which shoes will be the love of your life and which should get kicked to the curb.

  1. Look at the soles. The pattern of raised lines on the bottom of your shoes is called the tread and just like the tread on your car tires, there are some very obvious visible signs that the tread is worn out. No one walks perfectly flat on their feet so don’t justify that the tread is still good if it’s only worn out in a few places. Obviously, these are the places that take the brunt of the force as you walk so these are the places that matter the most. If you set your shoes down on a flat surface and they don’t sit evenly, it’s time to divorce those shoes.
  2. Pay attention to your comfort. The materials inside our shoes are designed to cushion us as we walk and will compress due to the weight of our body. In new shoes, when we take the off, the materials bounce back to their original position. In older shoes, the materials wont go back to their original position, but will remain compressed. This means that you will be able to feel a difference in the comfort and support of the shoe when you walk in it. If a pair of shoes that used to feel like walking on clouds now feel like walking on rocks, it’s time to divorce them.
  3. Check for rips, tears, and holes. Okay, this one should be really obvious, but I myself have been guilty in the past of continuing to wear a pair of shoes that I justified as still good even though I could see me socks through it. Any visible signs of damage, signs of wear such as thinning materials in certain spots, or obvious distortions to the shape of your shoes mean that you need to divorce that pair.
  4. Smell your shoes. This may sound a little gross, but it’s important to stay alert to the smells emanating from our footwear. Sure, if you take your shoes off after a particularly hard and sweaty workout, there may be a bit of a smell, but if the smell lingers and wont go away even after trying commercial or homemade deodorizers, it’s a good sign that you need to divorce those shoes.
  5. Keep track of your miles. You don’t have to take this one literally, but you should have a general idea of how often you wear each of your pairs of shoes and how much activity you do in them. If you wear the same pair of shoes to work everyday, it may be a good idea to have two or three pairs of the same shoe so that you can alternate between. This will help each pair last longer and avoid the tragedy of your only pair wearing out and not being able to find that particular pair again. Unlike marriage, where the longer lasting it is, the better it is generally considered, if you’ve been with the same pair of shoes for years after years, it may be time to divorce them.

Separation can be difficult and throwing away shoes we love is something everyone avoids, but wearing a worn out pair of shoes can lead to serious foot problems and lots of time spent with your Podiatrist. Do yourself a favor this Valentine’sDay and divorce the shoes you know you should. After all, abandoning and old love means opening ourselves to a whole new love affair with a great new pair of shoes.

    With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, there are plenty of people still running around looking for that perfect gift for their loved one. If you really want to pamper your sweetheart, get them a pedicure!

    Pedicures are actually really good for your feet and they are NOT just for women, but you should always be cautious when heading to the salon down the road.  A bad pedicure can lead to cuts, infections, and a trip to your podiatrist. The Foot and Ankle Wellness Center, on the other hand, offers you the PediCare Salon. While a pedicure is a purely cosmetic procedure, a PediCare includes medical benefits, which will lead to less time at the doctor’s and more time admiring your soft and healthy feet.

    There are plenty of cosmetology schools that offer classes in manicures and pedicures, but let’s face it, anyone can set up a foot tub and a chair and offer to rub your feet. At the PediCare Salon, we employ only Certified Medical Nail Technicians (CMNT). A CMNT is state-licensed and must complete an accredited program in nail care, including rigorous training, examinations, and the completion of a medical internship under a licensed podiatrist. In other words, they know more about your feet than any average salon pedicurist. This allows our technicians to customize your PediCare with services tailored to your medical needs, adding benefits that the salon down the street just can’t compete with. A regular pedicurist might miss a budding corn or ingrown toenail as they clip and scrub away. A PediCare technician knows exactly what to look for and might already have an idea of your medical history from your recent office visits.

    One of the concerns when getting a pedicure is the sanitary condition of the tubs and the tools. Salons are required to run a sanitation cycle of at least ten minutes between clients for each footbath. On a busy afternoon, this requirement might fall by the wayside, leaving you at risk for any fungi or bacteria left by the previous customer. At the PediCare Salon, you receive a clean medical setting under the direction of your podiatrist. Complete sterilization of our instruments along with strict adherence to aseptic techniques eliminates the risk of a transfer of infection.

    Every step of a pedicure is designed to pamper your feet both cosmetically and medically. The initial foot soak helps soften feet. Next, a skillfully used pumice stone removes layers of dead and calloused skin and helps prevent the build up of dead cells, which can be a cause of bunions and corns. The foot and leg massage along with an emollient-rich moisturizer increases blood-flow and restores the moisture balance to your skin. Moisturized feet are far less likely to get blisters and crakes, and of course they look better too. Nail trimming is important to maintain healthy nails and the polish coating just makes the whole thing fun to look at when it’s finished.

    There are, unfortunately, a lot of ways to turn these benefits to detriments. If you are prone to ingrown toenails and your pedicurist cuts them incorrectly, that could mean another trip to the doctor. If the pedicurist tries to use a razor instead of a pumice stone, run as fast as you can in the other direction.  Cuts are easy to get with these razors and this drastically increases your risk of infection. You should also avoid the trend of the “doctor fish” (those tubs of little fishes that supposedly eat the dead skin right off of you). These fish are known to harbor dangerous bacteria and the practice of fish pedicures is outlawed in 14 states. The PediCare salon uses only safe, sanitary, and proper tools to be used for your pedicure.

    In addition to the many medical benefits listed above, the PediCare Salon offers a polish application for those who bring their own or purchase a bottle directly from the Foot and Ankle Wellness Center. You can also opt for a clear anti-fungal nail polish to be applied.

    All in all, a pedicure is a great thing to keep your feet looking their best, but a PediCare takes you to the next level of health. So the next time you think about heading to the salon, make it the PediCare Salon at the Foot and Ankle Wellness Center. Our service options include a half-hour PediCare, a one-hour PediCare, or a half-hour foot and ankle massage. Call us today to book your appointment.


For more information, please visit the PediCare Salon page found HERE.

    February is National Heart Month, which makes sense when you think about the fact that it contains Valentine’s Day and “Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast” day. (Come on, who doesn’t love both those things?). However, we should also be concentrating on our physical heart, not just the emotional one. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. The American Heart Association says there are five major risk factors for cardiovascular disease and one of the most prevalent is a sedentary lifestyle.

    With Valentine’s Day approaching, many of you are calling up your favorite restaurant and making romantic dinner plans or rushing out to buy flowers and chocolate. Instead of going for the same old staples, try something different and make your Valentine’s Day into an active date night! It’s easy, fun, and can mean great things for your heart health.



   The benefits of yoga are numerous, but when you share this relaxing activity with a partner, those benefits multiply. They even have a whole form of yoga called partner-yoga, which is specifically designed to improve self-awareness and keep you in touch with your partner’s wants and needs. In terms of your heart, yoga can “help lower blood pressure, increase lung capacity, improve respiratory function and heart rate, boost circulation, and tone muscles.” ( Who knew that a relaxing workout with your loved one could do so much for your health?


   Ladies, there is nothing more attractive than a partner who can shake it on the dance floor (Okay, well maybe a few things, but it’s still a nice talent to have). Skip the fancy dinner and head out to one of the numerous dancing spots in the area. Places like the Emerald City Ballroom offer classes every weekend and are also hosting a semi-formal dance on Valentine’s night. Dancing is also a great way to improve communication and trust within your relationship, not to mention igniting passion during those heart-pounding tangos. Now get dolled up and go burn some calories!


    Make it a group date and bring everyone over for a home cooked, heart-healthy meal. Afterward, break out the games. Active things like twister or Wii games are a great way to get in some extra calorie burning while having fun. And speaking of having fun, a study by the University of Maryland Medical Center back in 2000 made some interesting discoveries concerning laughter and heart disease. Laughter, such as you might find during a riveting game of charades, can actually reduce your chance of a heart attack. “We don’t know yet why laughing protects the heart, but we know that mental stress is associated with impairment of the endothelium, the protective barrier lining our blood vessels,” says Dr. Miller, an associate professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. “This can cause a series of inflammatory reactions that lead to fat and cholesterol build-up in the coronary arteries and ultimately lead to a heart attack.” ( So don’t hold back. Laugh to your heart’s content during your active game night.


    If the idea of staying in for a game night on Valentine’s Day doesn’t excite you, there are plenty more games to be had out in the city. Bowling is another great date night activity that’s good for your heart health. With a plethora of bowling alleys across central Ohio, all of which are well heated against the cold outside, you are almost sure to get a lane on Valentine’s Day.


    Believe it or not, you can work off calories at the bar! Many venues provide entertainment such as shuffleboard, billiards, darts, and corn hole. All of these games keep you moving while you sip your chardonnay. These minimally exertive games will keep you looking calm and fresh all night so your date or your friends might not even realize the good you are doing for your heart. In fact, 60 minutes of corn hole playing can burn up to 180 calories and even more if rigorous victory dancing is involved. 60 minutes of billiards can burn 160 calories (though victory dancing with the pool cue in hand is discouraged during this one).


   Lots of people love to give gifts on Valentine’s Day, but try switching it up and taking your date shopping for their own present. Not only are you guaranteed to pick out something they like, but you are also doing your heart some good in the process. Aerobic exercises like walking don’t have to mean boring hours on a treadmill. Strutting your stuff through the mall is simple, social, and free (if you are only window shopping). Walking is the easiest heart-friendly exercise to stick with because you have to do it every day to some extent anyway. Park your car far away from the mall and you just added more easy exercise. Take the staircase instead of the escalator and you have even more activity. Shopping may just be the perfect Valentine’s Day date activity for you and your loved one or friends. Just be careful about where you go to shop or window-shop. What started as a healthy activity for your heart may end up being detrimental to your wallet.

    Every step you take brings you closer to a healthier heart. So skip the fancy dinner and box of chocolates and try a fun alternative date. Don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day? No problem. All of the activities listed above are also perfect to do with your friends or even by yourself.