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September 01, 2016
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I grew up in a school with a strict uniform dress code, every girl in exactly the same jumper and every boy in exactly the same oxford shirt. My bright personality and fashion sense struggled to shine among the sea of maroon and white. But, with only minor restrictions on our footwear choices, I found a way to stand out from the crowd. From high-top orange chucks to Coach brand slip-ons, I expressed my individuality proudly. I wonder now how I was able to convince my mother that my choice of back-to-school shoes should be based purely on style, not function.

While this article may be a bit late to influence your purchases (most schools in my area started last week), it may take away some surprise when that perfect pair of shoes your kid insisted on falls apart after only a few months. Kids are at school around 6.5 hours per day for about 180 days per year. That’s over 1,170 hours in the same shoes! The largest High School in the US is over 8,000 students. Imagine how big that building must be and how far those students probably walk in a given day!

If I haven’t convinced you yet, I don’t know what will. Students need to think about comfort over style when it comes to back-to-school choices. Luckily, there are plenty of stylish choices that include good function, support, and durability. It may take a bit more searching than a quick trip to Target, but I promise your money will go further and your kid’s feet will be happier if you make the right decision now rather than waiting for midterms. Your kid’s feet will thank you.