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Right now, the largest category 5 hurricane since 1885 is tearing over small islands and barreling towards the US south coast. Since our feet seem to be a small matter compared to this, we are taking a break from our regularly scheduled program to bring you a very short guide to charity giving for hurricane relief.

Money is the Best Option

Unless you live close to a hurricane affected area, the old concert t-shirt you plan on donating won’t make it down there to someone. If you want to make the maximum amount of impact, send money and let the charity use it for whatever they really need. If you don’t like the idea of just giving money, look to see if any hurricane relief centers are being set up in your area for displaced victims of the storm. Don’t just think about the people either; over 160 animals have already been flown from Florida shelters to Columbus. (All of these animals will be up for adoption here.) So if you want to help, either donate to a worthy cause, get involved in your local community relief efforts, or maybe the best thing you can do is adopt a new friend to make room in the pet shelters. However you choose to give, do it now.

Check your Charity

Donating money during a tragedy, such as the flooding in Houston and the destruction to come in Florida, is a no brainer, but before you break out the checkbook, be sure to check the charity you are donating to. is a great resource for checking out any charity you might donate to. It can tell you everything from how much the CEO makes to how much of each dollar makes it to actual victims. Some of the best right now include American Red Cross, ASPCA, All Hands Volunteers, Feeding America, Salvation Army, United Way, YMCA, and even some non-charity sites such as GoFundMe. Check more of your local news for charities in your area providing direct relief.