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There’s always been a debate in the podiatry world about whether going barefoot is healthy or harming. Many doctors claim that being barefoot is natural and promotes healthy movement. Others will warn patients away for going barefoot due to the risk of cuts or falling. Both sides have very good arguments and there may not be one right answer for everybody. So we would like to introduce you to Fitkicks, the middle ground of this hotly debated topic.

If you aren’t familiar with them, Fitkicks were created to promote minimalist footwear that allows for freedom of the foot, but also allows for an active lifestyle inside and outside. The base of your Fitkick is a Flex Form sole, giving you traction to the ground and minimalist cushion on the inside. The upper portion of the Fitkick is a light and flexible material that conforms to the foot like a sock. A bungee cross-strap secures the Fitkick to your foot while a small toe guard protects against wear and tear.

Fitkicks are designed for every activity; yoga, outdoor walking, water sports, time at the beach…you can even carry them in your purse to put on when you need relief from your high heels. Color options range from basic black to large floral graphics. Browse the whole collection HERE.

Podiatrists see an influx of foot injuries during the spring. More people are going barefoot and risking injury or a slip and fall. Many people are switching to flip flops, which offer no ankle stability and little protection. Walk more confidently on smooth or slippery surfaces with the textured sole of Fitkicks. Protect your feet from dirt and infection with the sock-like protection. What I’m trying to say is, come to the FAAWC today to get your first pair. It will improve your life and you won’t regret it.