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Sandals and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly, but too many sandals don’t offer the correct support or protection and can leave your feet aching or lead to other issues. Don’t fret, there are still plenty of options out there that will make your podiatrist happy and look fashionable.


The key features to look for in a summer sandal are:

Arch Support – Perhaps the biggest complain podiatrists have about sandals is the lack of support. When your foot is not properly supported, it can lead or contribute to plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, and even ankle, knee, hip, and back pain. Sandals might be appropriate at times, but you should never plan on walking in them for long distances or periods of time as this can exacerbate issues.

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Toe Protection – Personally, I love showing off my toes in the summer (especially after my latest PediCare Salon visit!), but leaving your tootsies exposed can result in pain or injury. Stubbed or stepped on toes are common and can result in fractures and unsightly bruising. There is also a potential for cuts and abrasions or even sunburn. Choosing sandals with enclosed toes can eliminate some of these flip flop risks.

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Materials – Choosing the right sandal all depends on the occasion, but you should always match the material of the sandal to your activity. If you’re going to be wearing your sandals around water, don’t choose leather, suede, canvass, or other materials that absorb water or are damaged by it. Make sure any straps are comfortable and wont rub to form blisters. Pay attention to the sole thickness as well; the shoe should not fold in half if you attempt to bend it.

Sandals fit properly only if your entire foot is resting on the footbed. If your heel hangs off the back or your smallest toe is falling off the side, you need a bigger size or a completely different sandal. Look for brands that boast the APMA seal of approval. This seal is granted only to products that have shown consistent benefits for foot and ankle health. To find brands with this approval click HERE, scroll down to shoes, flip flops/sandals and click. There are over 400 individual sandals to explore!

If you’re looking for the perfect summer sandals, the FAAWC offers Revere sandals for both men and women. The footbed is removable to fit your orthotics, meaning you’ll be looking good and keeping your feet (and your podiatrist) happy and supported.

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On March 26th, 1934 the United Kingdom instituted the first driving test. Today, there are over 250 millions cars on the road in the United States alone. Many things can affect our ability as drivers, but did you know that your foot health and even the shoes you are wearing could impact your driving performance?


About one third of all drivers wear flip-flops behind the wheel. Flip-flops are said to be the cause of almost 1.4 million accidents or near misses every year. One in nine motorists admit that their flip-flop got stuck under the pedal causing delayed reactions. There are plenty of statistics to back up the facts, but let’s do some math:

The average reaction time to fully engage the brakes on a car is lengthened by 0.13 seconds when wearing flip-flops. At a speed of 60 miles per hour, this would mean travelling more than an extra ten feet before coming to a stop. Do you leave an extra ten feet between you and the car in front of you every time you wear flip=flops? I’m thinking your answer is no.

Flip-flops provide almost no security for your feet. In fact, they can even fall off while you are driving and get wedged beneath the pedals. You may be thinking that if you just slip them off, that would be better. While driving barefoot is not technically illegal in the United States, it is frowned upon, as your feet can easily slip off the pedal. If you are in an accident and the police determine that your lack of footwear contributed to the situation, you can be cited for reckless driving.


Flip-flops are actually considered more dangerous than high heels behind the wheel, perhaps because both men and women wear them, but that doesn’t mean that high heels are in any way safe. Think about the last pair of stilettos you wore, how easy are they to walk in? For most women, high heals make walking a challenge. Why would we think that driving would be any different?

One of the downfalls to high heels is the lack of stability the actual heel provides. With a small surface area and steep angle, the heel cannot rest on the floor evenly which means the chances of your foot slipping off the pedal are increased. Sadly, the majority of women decide to put fashion before safety.

Experts recommend packing a second pair of shoes to wear in the car and change into your high heels (or flip-flops) when you reach your destination. Remember, there are plenty of pairs of shoes out there, but only one of you. Protect yourself, your loved ones, and every other driver on the road by choosing proper footwear.


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