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Throughout the month of January, we have looked at the amazing uses of lasers in podiatry for the purposes of removing warts, reducing the appearance of spider veins, and blasting away toenail fungus. While each of these is important for foot health, that’s not all that lasers can do!

Lasers can be used for the removal of unwanted tattoos. Almost everyone has something they regret, but some people’s regrets are more visible than others. Lasers remove tattoos by harmlessly passing through the top layers of skin and targeting the pigment of the tattoo. The laser heats the pigment up, it is broken into small pieces, and the body’s immune system carries it away. A similar process occurs with the treatment of age spots. The appearance of age spots, dark marks, and scars can all be reduced with laser treatment.

Lasers are also commonly used for hair removal. While having hairy toes is a good thing (it’s a sign of good circulation), it can also be unsightly and embarrassing. While you probably aren’t donning sandals on a daily basis in January in Ohio, you can get ready for summer or that winter vacation by sprucing up your toes and feet. Laser hair removal treatment results are different for everyone, but you can expect your hair to be gone for anywhere from a few months to years down the road.

The uses for lasers are endless, both in and outside of the healthcare industry. Hopefully our January spotlight on lasers helped you decided if a laser treatment with FAAWC is right for you. You can see more information about our treatment options on our website and call our office to set up a consultation today. There’s no reason to live with unsightly hair, unwanted tattoos, age spots, painful warts, or disgusting fungus any longer. Call today!