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When it comes to the world of medicine, it’s very easy to get lost in the technical aspects. Doctors go through years of medical training and new illnesses, treatments, machines, and drugs are always being created for them to keep up with. How are you, as someone who didn’t study all these complicated terms, supposed to understand what is really going on with your health?

First of all, the doctors at the FAAWC know that you did not go to medical school and they strive to explain what is happening and what your options are in ways that are easy to understand. But try as we might, there are certain terms that just don’t have alternatives. Let’s look at one of those…

Arthroscopy: An arthroscopy is a minor surgical procedure during which a camera (arthroscope) is inserted into the joint through a small incision. Doctors do this to examine and sometimes treat damage in your joints. We’ve talked a lot about joint pain and how it happens and what we can do for it. Sometimes, when physical examinations and MRI or CT scan aren’t enough to diagnose the problem, your doctor will order an arthroscopy to explore the exact cause of your pain.

Due to their minimally invasive nature, they speed up healing time and reduce the risk of infection and other complications. Arthroscopy is not a first choice for diagnosis or treatment, but may be necessary if other options have failed.

Arthroscopy can be a scary term when you don’t know what it means. But you are well on your way to learning the lingo and knowledge is power. When you have the knowledge to understand the options your doctor is giving you, you have the power to make better healthcare decisions for yourself. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or for further explanation on what your medical professional tells you. We here at the FAAWC want you to feel confident and comfortable with your care. If you have questions, never hesitate to ask!