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Everyone is in such a rush these days. Amazon can deliver packages in two hours, you can get food from almost any restaurant without leaving your home, and there are advertisements for every type of immediate health and beauty fix. However, we all know that nothing worth having has ever come easy and that applies to your feet. But the FAAWC wants to make it as easy and quick as possible to get your feet looking better than ever!

In addition to the warm weather and the promise of summer lingering in the air, other special occasions are rushing towards us. School graduations, weddings, and all sorts of summer activities mean needing to look your best so what can we do for our feet in just a few weeks to get ready? The FAAWC has lots of options!

  1. Pedicare Salon

If we can better our health while being pampered, wouldn’t we do it all the time? Well the PediCare salon offers relaxing pedicures and foot maintenance that actually make your feet noticeably different. Completed by certified medical nail technicians under the guidance of our podiatrists, our services include a half-hour PediCare (toenail trimming, callus and corn reduction, application of mousturizer), a full-hour PediCare (hydrotherapy or warm mitt skin softening, relaxing foot and ankle massage, reduction of corns and calluses), or just a half-hour foot and leg massage (for those who need an extra special relaxing touch). Nail polish can be applied for $5 and patients may bring in their own polish or purchase from our store. This is an easy way to pamper yourself while seeing immediate improvements and you don’t even have to be a patient of the FAAWC to visit our PediCare salon! Call 740-363-4373 to book your appointment today.

  1. Keryflex

Maybe your feet need a little more attention than a simple pedicure. In that case, inquire about our Keryflex treatment. Keryflex is a professional nail restoration option that can improve the look of your toenails immediately! Do you have a broken nail you are patiently watching grow? How about a fungal infection you are slowly treating? You can now get the look and feel of a natural healthy nail while continuing your treatment. The Keryflex system allows our nail technicians to remodel your toenails with a flexible, non-porous nail that returns the healthy look for your feet while still allowing treatment and healing to occur. This is not just some acrylic nail that will cover up your problems. The Keryflex nail is podiatrist approved and can only be applied by a certified technician (like the ones we have at the PediCare salon). Unaffected by nail polish, acetone, and detergents and soaps, this nail can be treated just like a natural nail and is applied in just one visit! In terms of quick fixes, this one can really benefit your beauty and your health.

  1. Baby Heels

Maybe you need such a quick fix that you can’t make it in to the office. That’s okay, we have the solution for that too! Try the unique skin peel system of Baby Foot. A single (very squishy) foot wrap lasting only an hour and easy applicable at home will penetrate your dead skin cells and start the exfoliation process. After only 3-5 days you will see your cracked and dry heels start to peel away (literally) to reveal skin as smooth and soft as a baby’s foot! That’s definitely the least work I’ve ever had to do for those results. Get your set from the FAAWC today and see the difference it can make.

All in all, quick fixes generally tend to be myths that leave us hopeful and pull us in with their promises, but every once in awhile an easy solution is actually the best solution and you can find many of those solutions at the FAAWC. Join us today to be ready for all your future activities!

I have a drawer in my house where I put all the things that I don’t want to deal with immediately. Out of sight, out of mind…right? Not really. Just because your feet are all bundled up in socks and shoes during the winter, doesn’t mean that your foot problems have gone away. So why does everyone wait until it’s sandal time before worrying about the health of their feet?

In addition to your scheduled appointments with your podiatrist, you should be making regular visits to the PediCare salon. There are several reasons for this.

  1. Foot health is actually more important in the winter. During the summer, we pamper our feet because we have them on display, but there’s actually more to consider during the cold months when our feet are bundled up. For example, temperature. In addition to keeping our feet healthy, we need to keep them warm. This means choosing the right socks and shoes. Cold feet can lead to dryness and cracking. Warm feet lead to sweating which creates the perfect environment for fungus. The PediCare salon is designed to combat these situations before they become actual problems. After all, wouldn’t you rather have a trip to the salon over a trip to the doctor?
  2. Don’t wait to get healthy. Every summer, advertisements start telling us to get our bodies ready for bikini season. But if you really wanted to be ready, shouldn’t you start preparing early? Your feet are the same way (and arguably easier to take care of). If you have dry feet and cracked heels during the winter, take care of it during the winter! That way you aren’t rushing for a quick fix come the first warm day of spring. Fungal nail infections can take anywhere from six weeks to four months to be resolved. If you wait to start treatment or prevention until later, sandal season will be over before the infection is gone. Get your appointment today to be ready when summer hits.
  3. If you’re someone who gets pedicures already, why not try a PediCare visit instead? Services range from a 30-minute, no frills pedicure to a full service, relaxing foot and leg massage. In addition to these services, you can rest easy knowing that you are working with a certified nail technician, trained specifically under the direction of a podiatrist. The PediCare salon also has a strict adherence to medical safety and sterilization techniques, meaning no chance of infection as with normal pedicures. If you’re paying the same price, why not get more for your money? (Oh, did I mention the affordable pricing?). A visit to the PediCare salon can forever change the way you think of a pedicure.

Overall, there are plenty of reasons to make an appointment at the PediCare salon today, but if you are one of the many who have pledged to make this year their healthiest yet, this is the perfect place to start. After all, who said getting healthy had to be painful? Appointments available Monday through Friday, just call 740-363-4373!


September is national self-improvement month and let’s face it, we all have things that we could be doing better. One of those things is taking care of our feet and a great way to do that is to spend a little time each day to concentrate only on them. Here are a few simply daily tricks that can keep your feet feeling refreshed:

Wash your feet! Most people do a poor job of washing their feet. Standing in the shower with the soapy water pooling around them seems like a good enough wash, right? Wrong. You really need to reach down and scrub your feet. Use a soft washcloth and a mild soap. Get in between and underneath your toes. Use a little bit of elbow grease to get any dead or calloused skin off. Once you get out of the shower, dry them off completely (including between the toes!) and apply a light moisturizer. Daily washing habits like this can help prevent the build up of rough skin, eliminate harmful bacteria and fungus from your skin, and leave your feet soft and pretty.

Change up your shoes. Do you tend to wear the same pair of shoes every day? Try mixing it up and alternating between two or even three pairs of shoes. First of all, this will help reduce the chance of harmful bacteria and fungus growing in your shoes. As your feet sweat during the day, your shoes absorb the moisture and that damp, warm environment can be a host to any number of ugly foot problems. Switching between shoes each day gives them time to dry out. This is especially important for any shoes that you might wear without socks. The second thing this does for you is it eliminates the constant pressures of your shoe. Perhaps one pair of shoes rubs on your big toe. Perhaps another pair of shoes doesn’t give you enough arch support. While it’s important to find shoes that don’t bother your feet, sometimes even the best fitting pair of shoes can lead to small changes in the health of your foot. By switching between pairs, you are eliminating constant pressures that can lead to permanent foot problems. If you wear high heels a lot, try switching to flats a couple of days each week. If your feet are constantly enclosed in tight athletic shoes, try wearing something less constricting like an open toed sandal once or twice. Not only is it good fro your feet, but hey, it’s a great excuse to go buy more shoes.

Take a walk. Your feet contain 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Since lifting weights with our feet to keep them healthy seems weird and ineffective, taking a walk is a perfect way to keep all the parts of our feet strong. Make sure that you are wearing the proper shoes for walking. A bad pair of shoes without the proper support will cause more problems than benefits. Wear comfortable and breathable socks with an arch-supporting shoe. It is also a good idea to pick a soft surface to walk on. Grass, dirt, or soft walking tracks are the best surfaces for low impact exercise. Keep your feet healthy with a little bit of exercise.

Self-improvement is an important thing to strive for, but don’t forget to improve your feet along with the rest of you. Taking simple steps every day is the key to better foot health.

Every summer the heels of my feet seem to dry out and crack. Sometimes these cracks can be very deep and painful. How do these crack occur? Why are they more common in some people than others? Why do cracked heels affect some people in the summer and some in the winter? Let’s take a look:

How do we get cracked heels?

Cracks on the feet are caused by insufficient moisture. Our feet have no oil glands so they rely heavily on our sweat glands instead. When they dry out, our heels shrink and when they try to expand… “It’s kind of like if you put plaster on a balloon and let it harden and blow up the balloon, the balloon will expand the plaster and crack. The heel pad wants to expand outward, but the skin is not pliable enough to expand with it, so it cracks.” (

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Some people are more susceptible to cracks than others. Contributing factors can include diabetes, obesity, dehydration, and people who just plain don’t take care of their feet. Diabetics commonly suffer from diabetic neuropathy, loss of feeling in the feet, which means a small crack can go unnoticed and turn into a larger crack, which leads to more serious issues, and that’s never good.

For people who are overweight, the simple act of standing for long periods of time can lead to cracks. The increased pressure on the heel causes the heel pad to expand outward and if the skin is not supple enough, it will crack.

What are the dangers of cracked heels?

Cracks in the heel can be as minor as an aesthetic annoyance or as serious as a deep fissure that cracks open and bleeds. More minor conditions include redness, flaky, itchy, or peeling skin, and rash (usually from itching).

If minor cracks are ignored they can deepen to the point where they open and start bleeding. These more serious cracks can be an entry point for bacteria and viruses, which can lead to infection.

So what do I do about this?

            There are a lot of ways you can prevent and treat dry feet. First of all, stay hydrated. Well-hydrated skin will not shrink and expand so the chances of cracking are lessened. Next, make sure you are moisturizing your feet daily. Use a non-fragranced, light lotion after you shower. Moisturize daily if you wear a lot of open heeled shoes (which can contribute to dry skin). Wearing socks to bed over moisturized heels is also a good idea.

            There are a lot of other home remedies out there, but make sure you talk to your podiatrist before trying them out. Even things like pumice stones must be used with caution. Most importantly, don’t ignore your feet! A little crack or a little peeling skin can lead to bigger problems so catch it early. If you do have pain in your heel that won’t go away, see your podiatrist immediately.


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    With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, there are plenty of people still running around looking for that perfect gift for their loved one. If you really want to pamper your sweetheart, get them a pedicure!

    Pedicures are actually really good for your feet and they are NOT just for women, but you should always be cautious when heading to the salon down the road.  A bad pedicure can lead to cuts, infections, and a trip to your podiatrist. The Foot and Ankle Wellness Center, on the other hand, offers you the PediCare Salon. While a pedicure is a purely cosmetic procedure, a PediCare includes medical benefits, which will lead to less time at the doctor’s and more time admiring your soft and healthy feet.

    There are plenty of cosmetology schools that offer classes in manicures and pedicures, but let’s face it, anyone can set up a foot tub and a chair and offer to rub your feet. At the PediCare Salon, we employ only Certified Medical Nail Technicians (CMNT). A CMNT is state-licensed and must complete an accredited program in nail care, including rigorous training, examinations, and the completion of a medical internship under a licensed podiatrist. In other words, they know more about your feet than any average salon pedicurist. This allows our technicians to customize your PediCare with services tailored to your medical needs, adding benefits that the salon down the street just can’t compete with. A regular pedicurist might miss a budding corn or ingrown toenail as they clip and scrub away. A PediCare technician knows exactly what to look for and might already have an idea of your medical history from your recent office visits.

    One of the concerns when getting a pedicure is the sanitary condition of the tubs and the tools. Salons are required to run a sanitation cycle of at least ten minutes between clients for each footbath. On a busy afternoon, this requirement might fall by the wayside, leaving you at risk for any fungi or bacteria left by the previous customer. At the PediCare Salon, you receive a clean medical setting under the direction of your podiatrist. Complete sterilization of our instruments along with strict adherence to aseptic techniques eliminates the risk of a transfer of infection.

    Every step of a pedicure is designed to pamper your feet both cosmetically and medically. The initial foot soak helps soften feet. Next, a skillfully used pumice stone removes layers of dead and calloused skin and helps prevent the build up of dead cells, which can be a cause of bunions and corns. The foot and leg massage along with an emollient-rich moisturizer increases blood-flow and restores the moisture balance to your skin. Moisturized feet are far less likely to get blisters and crakes, and of course they look better too. Nail trimming is important to maintain healthy nails and the polish coating just makes the whole thing fun to look at when it’s finished.

    There are, unfortunately, a lot of ways to turn these benefits to detriments. If you are prone to ingrown toenails and your pedicurist cuts them incorrectly, that could mean another trip to the doctor. If the pedicurist tries to use a razor instead of a pumice stone, run as fast as you can in the other direction.  Cuts are easy to get with these razors and this drastically increases your risk of infection. You should also avoid the trend of the “doctor fish” (those tubs of little fishes that supposedly eat the dead skin right off of you). These fish are known to harbor dangerous bacteria and the practice of fish pedicures is outlawed in 14 states. The PediCare salon uses only safe, sanitary, and proper tools to be used for your pedicure.

    In addition to the many medical benefits listed above, the PediCare Salon offers a polish application for those who bring their own or purchase a bottle directly from the Foot and Ankle Wellness Center. You can also opt for a clear anti-fungal nail polish to be applied.

    All in all, a pedicure is a great thing to keep your feet looking their best, but a PediCare takes you to the next level of health. So the next time you think about heading to the salon, make it the PediCare Salon at the Foot and Ankle Wellness Center. Our service options include a half-hour PediCare, a one-hour PediCare, or a half-hour foot and ankle massage. Call us today to book your appointment.


For more information, please visit the PediCare Salon page found HERE.