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Pain. We talk about it a lot. What it feels like, what causes it, and how to treat it. But let’s change it up this week and talk about pleasure instead. Many of these articles will be irrelevant to our readers since not everyone who reads this (I assume someone out there does) will experience frostbite, Achilles heel ruptures, or osteoarthritis. But everyone has the capacity to feel pleasure.

Here is a quick list of things you can do for yourself to help your feet experience some pleasure instead of pain:

  1. Give them a good scrub. A quick rinse in the shower is usually all people do for their feet to clean them. Take some extra time and give your feet a good scrub. Get all the way in between each toe, remove dirt from under the nail, and revel in the squeaky clean feeling your feet will have for the next few hours.
  2. Give yourself a pedicure. Make sure your little piggies look nice with a quick clip or file. If you’re feeling fancy you can even add a coat of polish. No need to go to a salon and spend big money when you can do it yourself.
  3. Take a walk barefoot. Go outside and squish your toes in the grass or some sand. Concentrate on the feeling of the ground under your feet. Sometimes just appreciating nature and letting it soak in can bring you a smile.
  4. Get a foot rub. While it’s one thing to rub your own feet when they are tired or sore, it’s an entirely different thing to get a foot rub just for fun. Doing it yourself is ok, but if you can bribe someone else into massaging your feet, all the better.
  5. Give them a rest! We talk about RICE and elevation as a way to reduce swelling and promote healing. Why not elevate them just for fun? Grab a super squishy pillow and prop them up for a quick snooze. Your feet will thank you.

Your feet will thank you if you pamper them every once in a while so don’t be shy to give your feet some pleasure. After all, your strongest support deserves a break now and then.