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Being a dad is hard work as any father will tell you, but it can also be dangerous work! The average parent sustains 22 injuries per year. Let’s take a look at a couple of common parenting injuries and how we can avoid or treat them…

Toy-Covered Floor

When I think about the most painful injuries I could sustain in my living room, the thought of stepping on a Lego sticks out as the worst. Small toys underfoot can cause pain, cuts and bruises, and accidental falls. Luckily avoiding these is as easy as cleaning up (easier said than done usually). Consider an easy option such as a toy mat that keeps small pieces from going everywhere and can slide out of the way or fold up when not in use. For larger toys, a laundry basket works great for a quick pick-up and easy transportation. If you just can’t avoid the mess, make sure you don’t walk through the room in the dark to avoid any surprises underfoot.

Sports Injury

This category of injuries is a varied as the sports our dads teach us to play. Whether it’s tossing a ball in the backyard to help your little one start JR softball or running around the field with your teenager trying to keep up with her soccer drills, dads play lots of sports and that leaves them open to lots of injuries. Luckily, there are a few general rules of thumb that will help you avoid injury no matter what you happen to be doing. First, remember you aren’t that age anymore and sometimes you may not be able to keep up. No worries, your kids understand and are probably just glad you’re helping anyways. Second, be prepared. Stretching before exercising is crucial, as is wearing the right equipment for it. If your kid needs special basketball shoes to support his ankles as he jumps for a 3-pointer, maybe you should wear some too. Using common sense can be an easy way for dads to avoid a sports injury and make sure they can keep playing with their kids for years to come.


You may be thinking my kids are all grown up so I don’t have to worry about that stuff, right? Wrong. Aging can do any number of things to our health, especially after the active years of raising kids. Maybe those years left you with a constant pain in your heels or a stress fracture you used to write off as the pain of being a parent. Take care of these issues now. Taking care of existing problems now will help lessen the number of issues aging can bring on. As we say, healthy feet and ankles are the foundation of an active lifestyle. If you want to be sure you can keep up with your grown kids for years to come, it’s a good time to start taking care of your feet now.

Being a dad can certainly have its pains, but your kids appreciate every minute of it…or at least they probably will when they get older and look back on it. Give your father a big hug this Sunday and make sure you don’t step on his toes or knock his noggin while you’re doing it. Happy Father’s Day!

This just in! President Donald Trump of the United States has declared April 1st to be national Get-Your-Feet-Checked day! No matter who you are, feet are important. Without healthy feet, our entire country would fall apart. People wouldn’t be able to work, the mail wouldn’t get delivered, fast food restaurants would shut down, and the line at the FAAWC would be 10 miles long. So instead of leaving the health of our nation’s feet to chance, President Trump wants everyone to go get them checked on April 1st each year.

Think I’m kidding? Well…yeah, I am. But that’s no reason to ignore this sound advice! Even if your feet seem perfectly healthy, you should have them checked. You go to the doctor each year for your yearly checkup, so why shouldn’t that include your feet? Call the FAAWC to set up your appointment today!


Let’s go back to high school Anatomy class. The human heart has four chambers that beat in rhythm. Blood is pumped into the heart by your veins and pumped out of your heart by your arteries. If you have poor circulation in your legs and feet, it could be caused by a problem with either your veins or your arteries. Both have very different symptoms, but they are equally bad for your health.

Here is a quick rundown on the two main culprits: Venous Insufficiency and Peripheral Artery Disease.

Venous Insufficiency

Your veins carry blood back to the heart. If they are not functioning properly, your circulation becomes an uphill battle, literally. Veins are equipped with valves that open and shut and keep the blood flowing in the correct direction. When these valves have trouble opening and closing it can lead to Venous Insufficiency. Signs of venous insufficiency include swelling, varicose veins, feeling of heaviness in the foot, and could eventually lead to leg ulcers. You are more likely to develop venous insufficiency if you are over the age of 60, you smoke, you are obese or lead a sedentary lifestyle, or if you have high cholesterol.

Peripheral Artery Disease

Arteries carry freshly pumped blood away from the heart to your extremities. When your arteries are constricted, narrowed, or blocked, you may experience symptoms of Peripheral Artery Disease. Contributors to PAD include smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and leading a sedentary lifestyle. Persons suffering from PAD may have mild symptoms such as persistently cold hands and feet, or more serious issues like chronic leg cramping, burning sensation, or numbness.

Wearing compression hose or elevating your feet are good home remedies to help alleviate symptoms. But that’s not enough; stop smoking, get your cholesterol to a healthy level, and increase your exercise. Treating the underlying causes of either condition is the only way to ensure long-term relief. If these conditions are left untreated for too long, they both can lead to life threatening issues that go way beyond your feet. If you experience any of these symptoms, talk to your podiatrist about your circulation today.

It’s Groundhog Day and you know what that means…

It’s Groundhog Day and you know what that means…

It’s Groundhog Day and you know what that means…


Whoops, did I just repeat myself? While our furry friend is technically supposed to predict whether we will see an early spring or have six more weeks of winter, Groundhog Day is also famous for the 1993 film starring Bill Murray. If you haven’t seen it, the premise is simple; a man wakes up on Groundhog Day, goes through the day, and when he wakes up the next morning he finds that it is Groundhog Day once again. This keeps happening over and over until he can figure out a way to break the cycle.

While the movie is a feel good comedy about breaking the routine of our lives, it doesn’t feel so good when you wake up to the same foot problem over and over again. There are countless foot conditions that can turn to chronic problems. I’m not going to list them all, but it’s pretty safe to assume that if you are having a problem with your feet, it’s likely to reoccur if left untreated, treated improperly, or if after care instructions are not followed.

Do you see the same blister forming in the same place every time you wear a particular shoe? Maybe it’s time to break the cycle and throw away those shoes. How about feeling the same pain in your toenails each time you clip them due to an ingrown nail? Without proper treatment, no amount of cutting or shaping will stop an ingrown toenail from becoming ingrown again. And on and on it goes.

Make it a priority this year to live a life free from recurring foot problems. No matter what the issue is, if it happens more than once, you need treatment! Don’t delay!

If minor foot issues are left untreated, they can begin to occur over and over again and if the problem becomes a chronic one, it can drastically increase the amount of treatment needed, the length of your healing time, and the price of your care. Catching a problem the first few times it happens can save us from waking up each day feeling like we are reliving the same issue over and over. The FAAWC is here to help. There are no silly questions and there is no issue too minor to treat. Your feet are the foundation for a healthy and active life. Treat them well or your problems could come back to haunt you.

I have a drawer in my house where I put all the things that I don’t want to deal with immediately. Out of sight, out of mind…right? Not really. Just because your feet are all bundled up in socks and shoes during the winter, doesn’t mean that your foot problems have gone away. So why does everyone wait until it’s sandal time before worrying about the health of their feet?

In addition to your scheduled appointments with your podiatrist, you should be making regular visits to the PediCare salon. There are several reasons for this.

  1. Foot health is actually more important in the winter. During the summer, we pamper our feet because we have them on display, but there’s actually more to consider during the cold months when our feet are bundled up. For example, temperature. In addition to keeping our feet healthy, we need to keep them warm. This means choosing the right socks and shoes. Cold feet can lead to dryness and cracking. Warm feet lead to sweating which creates the perfect environment for fungus. The PediCare salon is designed to combat these situations before they become actual problems. After all, wouldn’t you rather have a trip to the salon over a trip to the doctor?
  2. Don’t wait to get healthy. Every summer, advertisements start telling us to get our bodies ready for bikini season. But if you really wanted to be ready, shouldn’t you start preparing early? Your feet are the same way (and arguably easier to take care of). If you have dry feet and cracked heels during the winter, take care of it during the winter! That way you aren’t rushing for a quick fix come the first warm day of spring. Fungal nail infections can take anywhere from six weeks to four months to be resolved. If you wait to start treatment or prevention until later, sandal season will be over before the infection is gone. Get your appointment today to be ready when summer hits.
  3. If you’re someone who gets pedicures already, why not try a PediCare visit instead? Services range from a 30-minute, no frills pedicure to a full service, relaxing foot and leg massage. In addition to these services, you can rest easy knowing that you are working with a certified nail technician, trained specifically under the direction of a podiatrist. The PediCare salon also has a strict adherence to medical safety and sterilization techniques, meaning no chance of infection as with normal pedicures. If you’re paying the same price, why not get more for your money? (Oh, did I mention the affordable pricing?). A visit to the PediCare salon can forever change the way you think of a pedicure.

Overall, there are plenty of reasons to make an appointment at the PediCare salon today, but if you are one of the many who have pledged to make this year their healthiest yet, this is the perfect place to start. After all, who said getting healthy had to be painful? Appointments available Monday through Friday, just call 740-363-4373!