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There are some things in this world that never change. One of those is the shoelace. Shoelaces have been around since the beginning of time. Think I’m kidding? Otzi the Iceman who lived in 3300BC was found wearing shoes tied with string. The advent of modern shoelaces has been dated back to the 12th century. Like I said, they’ve been around forever. So when someone tries to change something that has remained unchanged for thousands of years, they better have a spectacular idea. In comes Hickies 2.0.

Ordinary shoelaces must be purposefully laced for maximum comfort and efficiency. Alternative lacing techniques can relieve pressure on the top of the foot, compensate for high arches, or help relieve other painful areas. But with constant tying and untying, our carefully laced shoes will need constant adjustment. Hickies has solved this problem by with a special “memory-fit performance elastomer”. They may look like flimsy rubber bands, but this material will expand and contract along with the movement of your foot allowing for maximum efficiency with every movement. Along with the unique construction, Hickies offers laces in three sizes and shows you different suggestions for lacing your shoes with Hickies.

Do you think it’s time for a shoelace revolution? Check out the freedom that could come from a #Lifewithoutlaces

During the month of August, we looked at different types of insoles and orthotics. The company Digitsole has been looking at insoles and orthotics for years and they’ve been doing it in a very different way. While pedometers and fitbits can tell you your heart rate and keep track of your pace and stats, they are missing a key element of running that every podiatrist worries about: your stride.

The Digitsole Run Profiler is an insert for your running shoe that packs big technology and function. A thin, rechargeable lithium polymer battery powers the insole and a single charge can last for up to ten hours of activity. It features an anti-bacterial material, arch support, and specific flex zones designed to move better with your foot.

The technology inside the Run Profiler is even more impressive. There are tons of running apps out there that can measure distance, steps, elevation, pace, splits, etc. But this is the first of its kind that can actually interpret what your feet would say to you if they could talk. First, the Run Profiler tracks and measures the 3D movement of your foot in real time. Next the Run Profiler analyzes your gait to show you how to expend less energy with each stride and make your running more efficient. Run Profiler can also detect fatigue and warn you so that you can reduce your risk of injury. But how do we get all this data? The insole features built in Bluetooth that connects to the app on your phone and a coach gives you this advice as it is happening.

The technology packed into this small space is incredible and it could change the way we run and protect us from injury. Currently available only in Europe, the insole retails for 99 Euros (about $112 USD). I don’t know about you, but that seems like a small investment to make for the health of my feet.

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