Elia J. Ali

Elia AliPractice Director
Sept. 2, 2014

As FAAWC’s practice director, Elia is responsible for the smooth operation of our office – from paying the bills, to dealing with vendors, to helping our patients. Elia previously worked as an administrator for a podiatry practice in New Mexico, so she knows firsthand what makes us stand out. “I really like all of the community events and how the staff gets involved,” she says. “It’s more about the community and not just about the day-to-day activities. (FAAWC) just happened to be looking for a practice director at the same time I was looking for a practice to direct. It was a fortuitous series of events.” Fortuitous because Elia had just moved back from New Mexico and was looking for work. Born and raised in Virginia, she moved to Ohio when she earned a scholarship to Denison University in Granville. Then she never left Central Ohio, until she “followed a boy who got a job in New Mexico.” After becoming engaged to that boy, Reyan, they returned to Ohio, where they were married in 2016.