"My wife and I have portals with other medical providers. None is as transparent and comprehensive as the FAAWC portal. It saves me, as well as the doctor, time, and I get answers much quicker. The real key to all these systems is the human factor, and that’s where motivated and caring staff come in and make a real difference in any system … and that’s the case at FAAWC."
- Roger S., of Columbus

"I wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent care that I have received. Initially, I was apprehensive about the toe fusion surgery, but your professional and caring attitude alleviated my fears. Your staff are always kind and helpful. Julie at the front desk provides warm hospitality. Alean was gracious in providing surgery-schedule and after-care needs. Your assistants are helpful in their sensitive manner. All provide a vital part in the healing process. I credit the total team experience in facilitating my rapid recovery. I would recommend you and your support staff without any reservations."
- Robert G., of Delaware

"Both (my wife) and I went to see Dr. Jane Graebner at the Foot & Ankle Wellness Center. She was recommended to us by our friend, Renee Ahern. Her examination of both of our troublesome feet resulted in a very similar diagnosis. We both have high arches, and the lack of support over the years has produced bone damage in the joints along the tops of our feet. The problem that I have with my right foot is not the result of my having high arches but as the result of a long-ago injury. Interestingly enough, the treatments she recommended were different. For Ruth she recommended anti-inflammatory drugs. Whereas for me, she had a fancy supportive bandage installed on my foot with instructions to keep it on and dry for a week. She also instructed me to wear a brace on my right foot at night. It is a big thing that is fastened with Velcro straps. I was then to return and we’d see if this helped with the pain I was feeling every time I got out of my truck. It caused me to limp around and walk on my heel for about 15 minutes, after which it would recede and I’d not notice it until the next time I was off my feet for 15 minutes or more. When I returned to the doctor I was able to report that the discomfort was much reduced and her assistant created a heat-formed orthotic for my shoes that does much the same as the bandage did. The splint business was to continue indefinitely, though she said I could cut back the hours in it gradually. So far I’ve found it easier to just put it on at night, as it doesn’t bother me or my sleeping. I did have a second pair of orthotics made at a later visit, because I found it a real nuisance to move a single pair from my outdoor footwear to my indoor footwear each time I went in and out of the house."
- Alan H., of Pataskala